A payment proof from eBesucher

I have already posted about eBesucher, and I thought it would be nice to do so again. In the online earning business there are so-called payment proofs: mostly simple pictures taken at a payment processor’s site, where the incoming transaction can be seen. Here’s one, from the mentioned service, where I received my payment.

Payment proof from eBesucher

I wanted to share this to show this service is real, and they do keep their word, if you surf for them, they pay for it. I have to add that a picture like this can be crafted, so don’t believe all you find read or see on the Internet. In this case, besides my recommendation, you don’t have much to loose, the service is free, you can try it, see if you like it, and leave it if it is not for your taste.

For those who are interested, the below banner will lead to the site, where you can register.

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