A market of advertisements

There are many PTC sites out there, and today, I’ll write about yet another one. I have registered a while back, and can not confirm at the moment if it really pays, but public reviews paint it as a well established one.

It is called adzbazar.com. I would count as an upside the many ways you can earn credit, and also many ways to advertise your own site.

For example, apart from allowing access to many offerwalls, you can do PTP (Payed To Promote). What is that? Here is an example. If you click on this link, it will take you to one of the site’s advertisement, and my balance will rise a bit, because you followed the link.

Once again, these sites are not about making you rich, but you can click on their ads here and there, and you may earn a few dollars here and there. I think it’s nice to have a (small) income online, enabling one to buy minor stuff without the need to transfer hard-earned money from a bank account. On the other hand, this way of clicking ads isn’t easy nor fast way. One have to decide how much hes or her free time worth. Anyway, if you are interested, check it out.


Only one link away

The concept described below was hard to understand first. You may or may not head of link shorteners. Let me assure you, they exist. “Okay”, you could say, “but what are they?”. Now that is a really good question.

I’ve heard of such service a long time ago, but newer gave it a lookup, until I managed to land on such site while wandering around the cyberspace. Until then, I thought this could be some sort of security thing (hiding the site’s real URL maybe?), or called alive by convenience – a machine-generated URL to a resource can be quite long, unreadable by humans, not to remember it, so it would seem logical to shorten it, the shorter link will point to the hard-to-remember-one, and will be easy to keep in mind.

The shortener site I first stumbled upon told something that did not fit into the above theories – shorten your links and earn money. Earn money? Following the above assumptions, I should pay money for using the shortening service. But this seems not to be the case.

A link shortener will generate a link from the target link you (as the user of the service) provide, and you can publish this new link as you please. The link will indeed bring the user clicking on it to the target link eventually, with a bit of ads here, some redirects there, maybe some popup windows along the way… Now this makes sense, while spreading the shortened URL you provide audience to the shortening service, and the ads they insert along the road, which they get paid for – so they will give you a part of that payment to provide more visitors trough their service. Divide and conquer, as it is often said.

To show the idea of how it works, I’ll provide a shortened link here. You can try the service by clicking on it, and follow the path the service provider given, until you reach the destination links. At the time of this writing, this should include a Captcha, 6 minutes of waiting, and a popup-window maybe, but these steps vary by time. Where is the destination of the link? As this is a demonstration, it will lead back to this article, the next paragraph, to be exact.

I guess not many people like distraction when they know what they want to find, and not landing on the site I wanted to go to surely feels I am delayed (like AD minutes in the middle of an exciting movie), but looked from a bit higher, it is an interesting way of adding some advertising content to a site, maybe before the visitors reaching it. Apart from this demo, if you find a link on my blog that seems like a shortened link, that will surely lead to an Easter Egg of some sort 😉


Diversity means flexibility

I have already posted about an online payment processor, and today I’ll write about another. AdvCash, despite it’s many nice features, isn’t that well-known around the Internet, and as a consequence not many sites allow to pay or receive money trough this service. I guess this will change in the future, but until then, let’s look at an alternative, not entirely distinct one.

Payeer is a much more common payment processor, on many sites it may be the only one next to PayPal. Registration is indeed free, and besides USD, EUR, or RUB you also get cryptocurrency accounts by default, for the most common currencies. This makes it easy to store your e-currency in one place, and you can also fill your account with many methods, for small fees that are affordable. You can transfer your funds to other systems with the same ease.

This doesn’t mean I would suggest dropping your AdvCash account, as it does have it’s advantages in certain use cases – as does Payeer in many other.

If you have business online, you’ll surely came across Payeer one day, and if you are in need of a well-known and widely trusted payment processor, you can always register to Payeer, all you need is an e-mail address to do so. My costs where minimal so far for transferring to, and buying stuff trough this system, and hey, they have to maintain the whole thing from something – the fees are fairly reasonable.


Get your payments online

Beside traditional bank accounts there are more and more online payment processors, one of them is Advanced Cash. It may be not well-known at the time of this publication, but it does have the potential. All you need is an email to register, and many sites that pay can send and receive money trough this service. For advanced features, you’ll have to verify your account, but you can send and get money right after registration. Sending is restricted to internal transfers before verification, but if your friend who you would like to send money to is also registered, all you need to know is his/her email address that is used to register. The same applies to cashouts: anyone who would like to send you money only needs to provide your email, and you’ll get the payment – almost instantly to my experience.

Owning an account is free, so if you need to transfer money, go on, register.

It all starts with a banner

Perhaps the most classic way to make money online is by displaying advertisements on your website. There are many types, some of them easy on the eye, some are very annoying. There should be some sort of balance between telling the visitor about the thing advertised and letting him or her focus on the site’s content in peace.

I have never added advertisements to any site before, but I would like to try it, so below is my first, real AD displayed.

You will probably not see it if you are using adblocker software, otherwise some sort of picture (called banner) should be displayed. You are free to click on it, or don’t if you are not interested. This is my first, rather public test of importing external ADs into my content, and I am exited to see the result.

If you would like some ADs for your site as well, you can check out the site where I got mine. I’ll post about the results as they surface.

Solving captchas

Today I’ll write about yet another site that offers online work. Most such sites involved in advertising, but this site, kolotibablo.com offers money for captcha solving.

For those who do not know what a captcha is: mostly a picture that you as a user must interact, and it is intended to tell if you are a real human, not an automated program that surfs the Internet. To achieve this, captchas may show grotesque letters, pictures of every-day objects, that would take a human to recognize. This site pays for you to solve these puzzles, and you can withdraw the money earned from $1, which can be earned in a few hours as a beginner.

I have withdrawn to my Advanced Cash account (the payment system I have written about earlier), so I can confirm that it does work, and work real fast: I had my balance increased within a minute after initializing the withdrawal.

My advise about the site is that you should be more precise than fast. Mistyped captchas will lower your priority on getting new captchas to solve, and may pile up to the point that you get banned. Lower priority isn’t a big problem if the system has a lot of captchas to give, but when they are scarce, higher priority users will be preferred over lower ones. And one more thing: do not cancel any captcha you already got. You will get smaller decrease of your priority by skipping or mistyping a captcha than canceling it.

For me it seems a nice site that offers the ability to get a few bucks relatively fast if you want to buy something online. I have made around $6 in two weeks just by solving a few hundred captchas each day.

Your computer can now browse on it’s own

Today I’ll write about another online earning site, called Get Cash Free. The name, as you can guess, is a bit of a clickbait, in our era nothing is really free.

The site is relatively new, and you can earn trough it with the standard PTC methods, like PTCwall or ClixWall. What makes this site special is the autobrowser feature. While you can find such feature on other sites too, at GetCashFree the autobrowser is fed with another site every minute (minus the loading time), generating a steady income while the browser is open.

There are some factors that must be counted with regarding this site, which I’ll sum up below.


If you have a network outage, the autobrowser, or “cashminer” tab will most likely loose connection. There are also times the server isn’t reachable (once in a week or so). In these cases you’ll have to restart the miner, as the workflow will be broken.


Do not expect your miner can reach 1440 minutes of browsing a day. Network latency and loading heavy pages does put some delay in, and if you open up other pages in your browser, actively surfing while mining, you will take resources away from the miner. This can make significant difference on a computer with low resources, while machines with high computing power and memory will handle the load without observable delays.

Calculate accordingly.

Fees and membership

Registration and basic membership is free. However, the free account will come with lower income per minute of the miner, and also with a minute cap per day. Subscribing to a higher membership (silver, gold, or platinum) will increase the income per minute, and the cap on minute per day, but comes with a monthly fee. If you register on the site, and plan to subscribe for non-free membership, you should do your math before doing so, to find the membership type you are suited for.

Also keep in mind that fees and limits on memberships are under active optimization (as I mentioned, it’s a new site), which means they may change from one day to another, maybe more than once a week, which does not make future calculations easy.


With the above in mind, the cashminer is a great feature, does not put a heavy toll on the computer, like some sort of cryptominer would (which you can also find at Get Cash Free), and the service is quite stable, 1-2 outages or framebrakers a week experienced so far within a month.


I may not need to add that the site does pay, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it. It is bit of a new approach of the PTC world, while mixing the traditional methods too. If you would give it a try (after all, starting it does not cost any money), go on and register. See you at the mining fields 🙂