An honest autosurfer

Today I will write about yet another site that allows earning money online. The service is called eBesucher, a site of a German company. As always, don’t think this service (or any other for that matter) will make you rich overnight, but if you have a computer that is always on, and have some spare resources, it does not hurt to use it to earn some money.

I can almost hear the roar, no, this service has nothing to do with cryptomining. It’s about advertising. This service provides a surfbar that will automatically surf the Internet, and visit sites that pay for it – and in turn you get paid for running the surfbar.

Besides the surfbar, you can choose to receive advertising mail, but you don’t need to get it delivered to your actual mailbox: you can get and read them on the website. You can also surf sites manually which (mostly) yield more points than autosurf.

If you are on the other side, and looking for a service where you can advertise your site, you don’t need to go any further, they got you covered.

I have already received my first payment, and the next should arrive in the following days. Some countries are better paid than other, but that’s life, there are more advertisers that target Germany of France than some small country where viewers are less likely to buy their products from over the globe.

I have to say I am not just satisfied, but also a bit surprised that this service is actually what it says, a rare quality many sites should take example of. The sites displayed while surfing are filtered, you don’t need to worry about sites that crash your browser/machine or use it to mine cryptocurrency. From time to time some framebreakers appear, but those are hunted, and you even get a bonus if you happen to find one that break the surfbar’s flow, and report it.

To sum up, I can only recommend to anyone. I already have some months of experience with the service, so if you got any questions, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

Advertising in the mail and traffic exchange

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