Diversity means flexibility

I have already posted about an online payment processor, and today I’ll write about another. AdvCash, despite it’s many nice features, isn’t that well-known around the Internet, and as a consequence not many sites allow to pay or receive money trough this service. I guess this will change in the future, but until then, let’s look at an alternative, not entirely distinct one.

Payeer is a much more common payment processor, on many sites it may be the only one next to PayPal. Registration is indeed free, and besides USD, EUR, or RUB you also get cryptocurrency accounts by default, for the most common currencies. This makes it easy to store your e-currency in one place, and you can also fill your account with many methods, for small fees that are affordable. You can transfer your funds to other systems with the same ease.

This doesn’t mean I would suggest dropping your AdvCash account, as it does have it’s advantages in certain use cases – as does Payeer in many other.

If you have business online, you’ll surely came across Payeer one day, and if you are in need of a well-known and widely trusted payment processor, you can always register to Payeer, all you need is an e-mail address to do so. My costs where minimal so far for transferring to, and buying stuff trough this system, and hey, they have to maintain the whole thing from something – the fees are fairly reasonable.


Get your payments online

Beside traditional bank accounts there are more and more online payment processors, one of them is Advanced Cash. It may be not well-known at the time of this publication, but it does have the potential. All you need is an email to register, and many sites that pay can send and receive money trough this service. For advanced features, you’ll have to verify your account, but you can send and get money right after registration. Sending is restricted to internal transfers before verification, but if your friend who you would like to send money to is also registered, all you need to know is his/her email address that is used to register. The same applies to cashouts: anyone who would like to send you money only needs to provide your email, and you’ll get the payment – almost instantly to my experience.

Owning an account is free, so if you need to transfer money, go on, register.