It all starts with a banner

Perhaps the most classic way to make money online is by displaying advertisements on your website. There are many types, some of them easy on the eye, some are very annoying. There should be some sort of balance between telling the visitor about the thing advertised and letting him or her focus on the site’s content in peace.

I have never added advertisements to any site before, but I would like to try it, so below is my first, real AD displayed.

You will probably not see it if you are using adblocker software, otherwise some sort of picture (called banner) should be displayed. You are free to click on it, or don’t if you are not interested. This is my first, rather public test of importing external ADs into my content, and I am exited to see the result.

If you would like some ADs for your site as well, you can check out the site where I got mine. I’ll post about the results as they surface.