Your computer can now browse on it’s own

Today I’ll write about another online earning site, called Get Cash Free. The name, as you can guess, is a bit of a clickbait, in our era nothing is really free.

The site is relatively new, and you can earn trough it with the standard PTC methods, like PTCwall or ClixWall. What makes this site special is the autobrowser feature. While you can find such feature on other sites too, at GetCashFree the autobrowser is fed with another site every minute (minus the loading time), generating a steady income while the browser is open.

There are some factors that must be counted with regarding this site, which I’ll sum up below.


If you have a network outage, the autobrowser, or “cashminer” tab will most likely loose connection. There are also times the server isn’t reachable (once in a week or so). In these cases you’ll have to restart the miner, as the workflow will be broken.


Do not expect your miner can reach 1440 minutes of browsing a day. Network latency and loading heavy pages does put some delay in, and if you open up other pages in your browser, actively surfing while mining, you will take resources away from the miner. This can make significant difference on a computer with low resources, while machines with high computing power and memory will handle the load without observable delays.

Calculate accordingly.

Fees and membership

Registration and basic membership is free. However, the free account will come with lower income per minute of the miner, and also with a minute cap per day. Subscribing to a higher membership (silver, gold, or platinum) will increase the income per minute, and the cap on minute per day, but comes with a monthly fee. If you register on the site, and plan to subscribe for non-free membership, you should do your math before doing so, to find the membership type you are suited for.

Also keep in mind that fees and limits on memberships are under active optimization (as I mentioned, it’s a new site), which means they may change from one day to another, maybe more than once a week, which does not make future calculations easy.


With the above in mind, the cashminer is a great feature, does not put a heavy toll on the computer, like some sort of cryptominer would (which you can also find at Get Cash Free), and the service is quite stable, 1-2 outages or framebrakers a week experienced so far within a month.


I may not need to add that the site does pay, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it. It is bit of a new approach of the PTC world, while mixing the traditional methods too. If you would give it a try (after all, starting it does not cost any money), go on and register. See you at the mining fields 🙂