Earning money online

Ads are everywhere. Ads flow from the television, ads are on every wall, there are even advertisments on people’s cloths. It’s hard to miss that the Internet is full of ads, banners, popup windows and incredible offers trying to sell you something.

While this can be upsetting, many websites and whole companies live from advertising, and yes the ads DO increase sell rates. If and advertisment is seen by a hundred people, maybe one of them will buy the product. If the ad is seen by millions of people, there will be more who think they need the product.

On most sites with advertisments you, as a visitor are the product: you, and all other visitors will see the ads on the page (with the exeption that you use some adblocker), and the site gets paid for your visit.

Let’s turn it around a bit. How about *you* get money for viewing those ads? The same chance applies that you will buy the product; why would it be impossible that you get a share from the profits?

This idea is so old a whole industry is already built on it, it is called PTC (Paid To Click), and many sites offer such service. But with any sites, there are some of these that are fake, and will not pay you at all, or even trying to trick you into giving them some money, saying that you’ll get more back.

I can recommend a site that do pay, as a registered member who already got payments. This site is get-paid.com. All you need is an online payment account where you can recieve your payments to start. Of course I could be a scammer as well, trying to lure readers to the site, so don’t trust me, try it on your own decision – they don’t require any entry free, so all you can lose is some time by visiting.

What I personaly like on the site is the typing task, even if there isn’t always work available, but it brings back near-childhood memories, when I actually worked as a “human OCR“. Back in those days technology wasn’t as advenced as today – seeing this kind of task is still a human’s work to some degree is interesting, at least for me.


Working with online money

Finding order in the chaotic online world


The Internet is endless. While you can browse it’s contents all day, more and more content is added by countless people, and already accessible contents also change – you can never reach the end of information, stories and junk.

Online money isn’t a new concept, and cryptocurrencies are also here for some time now. There are countless services that let you mine, sell or buy crypto, but after your (computer’s) hard mined coins are at your hands (or rather in your crypto wallet), you may want to turn it in for conventional money you can buy goods for. You can go to crypto stocks, and try your luck with the ever-changing rates, but that will be covered in another post. For now, let’s assume that you just want to turn your crypto into money that you can transfer to your bank account, but how? There are many exchanges out there, where you can turn your crypto (or other online currency) to another, yet it would be a good thing if there would be a place you can compare the rates of different sites, wouldn’t it? And of course there are such sites, the most popular is bestchange.com, You can find many verified exchangers there, compare their rates and policies on transactions, and decide which is the best for you.

Most if not all of the exchanges accept transactions between online payment systems too. There will be a fee, but nothing is free these days.

One important piece of advise: always check any site that you plan to give money to, before trusting them with your money. Search for some reviews and opinions on them. On the other side, don’t judge from one bad review alone, that can be an exception; search for more opinions. You can do so on the site mentioned.